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A Very Beastly Easter with Monster Fun

Chris Garbutt writes and illustrates this hell-arious comic strip for Rebellion's revival of the legendary MONSTER FUN comic...

We Lost Our Human

Ham (a pooch) and Pud (a cat) are shocked to wake up one day to find their human (and ALL other humans) have completely disappeared...

Pinky Malinky a Total WIENER....

Hotter than a hot sausage the long awaited Pinky Malinky series co-creted by Chris Garbutt has hit Netflix like a tornado. A banger...

PINKY MALINKY Now Streaming on Netflix!

PINKY MALINKY, the long awaited animated TV series co-created by Chris Garbutt and Rikke Asbjoern is now streaming on Netflix!...

Chris Garbutt

Chris Garbutt

Currently producing a brand new animated project that he and his partner created at Netflix Animation in sunny Los Angeles, Chris has also worked in London and Paris since graduating with a First Class degree in Graphic Arts and Illustration, from a slightly less sunny Leeds Metropolitan University.

Chris has a passion for comics and storytelling, and excels at the visual narrative. He loves creating new worlds and characters that often begin life as silly doodles on post-it notes. His illustrations have adorned a variety of media and been used in advertising, online, apps, books, comics and food packaging.

Chris works in the animation industry for TV, features and commercials, enjoying various roles from creating, show running, executive producing, writing, directing and art directing, to storyboarding, character design and background design. Most recently he was the Executive Producer, Show-Runner and Art Director of the hit Netflix/Nickelodeon series he co-created with Rikke Asbjoern about a positively charged anthropomorphic hot dog called Pinky Malinky!

Chris can be found on Instagram and Twitter where you will find a huge array of weird and wonderful characters and the occasional cat.


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  • Cartoon Museum
  • Cartoon Network
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