If you are a fan of colouring in what could be nicer than spending a few hours colouring in the most beautiful dragon images, by Dragon master himself, John Howe. John has created some stunning new pencil artworks to compliment the original smaller format Pictura, making this new large poster book edition, 12 individual plates which can be removed from the book, the new images can be seen here. Colouring pencils at the ready.


John Howe pictura knight


John Howe picture knight on bridge


John Howe pictura Maiden


John Howe Wizard and Dragon




Pictura is a stunning range of black-and-white artworks to collect and colour for all ages. In Draconis, John Howe (conceptual artist for the Lord of the Rings films) shows that there are dragons everywhere: in woods, in castles, in the clouds, in architecture, sitting on piles of treasure and, lastly, in books.

John Howe Pictura Draconis


And a footnote:


Our lovely designer of the original Pictura, Nghiem Ta made this little time lapse video, featuring Tamlyn, Caroline and Nghiem spending a very enjoyable few hours colouring in John’s dragons..